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Sumanah Luxe Travel and Wellness Retreats

Established in 2019 by Shannon Amos, Sumanah shares highly curated luxury travel experiences and wellness retreats for those seeking to elevate their journey to Mind, Body, and Soul Wellbeing.

What We Do

With intentional awareness of detail, we do the planning for you while inviting you to join us in the most beautiful locations around the world. Whether you want to have a luxe travel experience or seek profound transformation, Sumanah can guide you there.

Luxe Travel

Luxury Travel

Highly curated group luxe travel experiences rooted in wellbeing, adventure, and a deep appreciation for culture. We take care of all the details so you can enjoy. We also design custom trips for families, friends, partners, and groups. Let us know how we can make your travel dreams come true.

Wellness Travel

Wellness Retreats

At Sumanah Soul Sanctuary we curate Plant Medicine Retreats where we honor the traditions, and rituals handed down by our ancestors over hundreds of years. We lean into radical self-care through the wisdom of nature while we work closely with Indigenous healers and world-class facilitators. 

1on1 Retreat

MeTreat™ with Shannon Amos

Join Shannon Amos for a personally customized one-on-one luxury wellness retreat.  This all-inclusive retreat is expertly designed just for you.

Sumanah Heal At Home™

Sumanah meets you where you are. You don't have to wait to start your journey towards wellness and healing. Sumanah Heal At Home™ is our online portal for wellness anywhere.

Featured Trip

FEB 22, 2023 – MAR 4, 2023


Explore the rich African history of Ancient Kemet, also known as Egypt. We take a deep dive into the culture and local cuisine as we explore the ancient tombs and historical pyramids of Luxor, Cairo, and Aswan. Drift down the Nile River in a Felucca, Hot Air Balloon over the Valley of the Kings, explore a local Nubian Village in Aswan and relax in the luxury of 5-star accommodations.

Exclusive Benefits

We mindfully design each step of our Luxury Travel Experiences and Wellness Retreats to support your wellbeing. Here are some of our benefits.

Fully Organized

Five-Star Accommodation

Supported Self-Care

World-Class Facilitators

Fully Inclusive

Curated Dining

Want to plan a custom travel experience?


We craft one-of-a-kind experiences for singles, partners, groups of friends, and families.

We curate authentic cultural experiences in the world’s most beautiful places while handling every detail of your journey.

Trip planning takes 4-6 weeks, depending on your specific budget, travel style, and the overall demand for your destination. Contact us and let us begin your custom trip planning today.

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The first step to planning begins with a consultation call with our care team.

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Share your dream and your desired destination(s) and let us take care of the rest.

Let us handle all the details

We will design a rich cultural experience, a unique adventure, or a retreat for you and your group.

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