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Our Founder

Shannon Amos is the Founder of Sumanah Luxury Wellness™, travel experiences, Sumanah Soul Sanctuary™ (plant medicine retreats), and Sumanah Heal @ Home™, a wellness education portal.

In 2017, Shannon went on a healing “soul sabbatical” and spent a year backpacking solo across Southeast Asia. In the process, she became a certified Yoga Instructor, a Mindfulness Meditation Teacher, a Reiki Master, and a student of plant medicine.

Today, as a Medicine Woman and Curandera, Shannon honors the traditions and rituals handed down by our ancestors over hundreds of years. She works closely with Indigenous healers worldwide, including in Brazil, Africa, Peru, and Mexico, where she learned the healing powers of indigenous wisdom and plant medicine.

Shannon’s intention is to create a safe space for people of color to heal and elevate their consciousness and wellbeing. Shannon has carved her path as a renowned leader in the Black Wellness Travel movement by dedicating her life to service and guiding inward expansion in a lasting way.


We partner with world-class facilitators to give you the tools and support you need for lasting transformation.

Our Promise

  • NImproved understanding of mental health – time to reflect.
  • NImproved overall health – time spent outdoors doing things you love.
  • NAwareness – what is important to you?
  • NLetting go of self-limiting beliefs, the need to control and finding forgiveness.
  • NRe-balancing social norms and conditioning.
  • NBreaking free of toxic people or a painful past.
  • NLearning to understand your connection and place in the world.
  • NFinding your purpose, passion, or next career.
  • NLearning healthy and unhealthy associations with love.
  • NDiscovering solutions to your biggest problems.

Give yourself or someone you love the gift of wellness travel.