Wellness Retreats


Your Soul Sanctuary for Well-being. 

Embrace a heart-centered retreat, fostering healing, growth, and self-discovery in a transformative journey of inner transformation.

Sumanah Soul Sanctuary is a safe space to rest and recover from our busy lives. Our holistic health and sacred plant medicine retreats provide the time and introspection to support your wellness journey. Our retreats include ancient ceremonies and practices combined with modern healing modalities such as Yoga, meditation, breathwork, sound therapy, and much more. Come find your community and embrace self-love and personal growth in Sumanah Soul Sanctuary.

We offer three types of retreats each designed to support healing, release, and restoration.
Ayahuasca Retreats
Psilocybin Retreats
Holistic Health Retreats

Our Promise

  • NWe never compromise on safety
  • NWe honor and respect indigenous healing traditions and rituals
  • NWe believe that integration and community are key to well-being
  • NWe treat every living being kindly and with respect
  • NWe take care of our environment
  • NWe give back to our community
  • NLove is our religion

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Experience guidance from the finest practitioners and teachers, each committed to enriching your transformative journey with expertise and heartfelt support.