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Please check our FAQs for quick answers to frequently asked questions.
Are men allowed on group trips?

Our trips are for women only unless specified otherwise. In 2023 we have added Co-Ed trips that are open to all.

What does double occupancy mean?
All prices listed for our group trips are per person. Double occupancy means that you will be paired with another solo traveler or with a friend/companion. Single occupancy means that you have your own room. Typically there is an additional cost for a private room which varies based on each trip.
Can I come alone or do I have to bring someone?
Come solo or bring a friend, it’s totally up to you! Our group trips are specifically designed to connect travelers so that you no longer have to wait on friends to travel. We typically find that at least 80% of the group attends solo.
What if I want to change my selected trip?
All payments are non-refundable, however, we’re super flexible! Simply email [email protected] at least 60 days prior to the departure date with the info for the trip you’re currently signed up for, and we’ll help you switch trips completely free of charge. Any payments you previously made will roll over to your new trip.
What is the average group size?

We typically have 14 to 18 people, however, on some occasions, we may have up to 24 guests.

What if I can't make a scheduled payment?
We understand some months can be harder than others. You cannot skip the first or last payment. If you are having difficulty making a payment and need to skip a month please send us an email and let us know. We may be able to create custom payments tailored for dates that work for you. All payments must be completed by the final payment deadline to ensure your spot on the trip.

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