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Our ethos guides our company’s practices for every trip we craft.
1) Unique Accommodations: Our highly vetted properties are the foundation of your comfort. Each property we offer must meet our strict luxury and wellness standards while positively supporting the local community.

2) Locally Sourced Organic Food: Local ingredients and recipes tell stories that transcend time and geography. Food connects us to the past and gives us balance in the present. We’ll dine mostly on locally sourced food plant-based (fruits and vegetables) as our food philosophy renews our commitment to sustainability while nourishing your body.

3) Stress-Free Travel: From the moment you book your travel Sumanah, we handle all of the details (accommodations, food, physical activity, cultural events, and wellness experiences), so you can focus on fun and self-care during your travels.

4) Expert-Led Practices and Ceremonies: We believe in putting your self-care and wellbeing at the forefront of your journey. Therefore, you’ll have full access to expert wellness practitioners and educators, which will help you to relax and rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul well-being while eliminating stress.

5) Time for You: We encourage you to always listen to your body. Our motto is STOP (Stop, think, observe, and pay attention). Time for your self-care is essential to your wellbeing. That’s why we always include unscheduled free time for your self-care, rest, and reflection.

6) Commitment to Sustainability: We’re wholly committed to sustainable business practices that go beyond our internal business. We seek out eco-friendly, sustainable properties, and work in partnership with our on-the-ground teams to reduce the use of paper and plastics on every Sumanah journey.

7). Sacred Ceremonies & Paying it Forward: At Sumanah, we believe in sharing with the local communities. From attending and participating in local ceremonies to paying it forward where we’re needed, it’s our way of thanking the locals for showing us love and embracing us.


Sumanah’s travelers vary in age, ethnicity, profession, and socio-economic status. The thread that connects us is our passion for adventure, a desire to get off the beaten path, and a chance to connect with the locals with our hearts wide open. Traveling with Sumanah is an opportunity to meet like-minded people and share in meaningful exchanges with others around the world.

Are you a solo traveler? Do you prefer to travel with your friends, partner or family? Are you celebrating a life event? Perhaps you’re looking to go on a mid-life gap year or spiritual sabbatical to reclaim your inner fire. No matter where you are in your journey, Sumanah is here to support you with a variety of wellness itineraries that provide holistic self-care to facilitate balance and provide life-changing experiences.

Yes! Most of Sumanah’s guests are solo travelers. Sumanah works one-on-one with solo travelers to determine the best wellness travel experiences to suit their needs. Wellness travel is all about connection and self-care. Many of our guests are joining a group to travel with a like-minded community, or they’re booking a customized solo journey to make safe real-world grounding connections. Traveling solo allows you to focus on your needs and wants while forming deeper ties to your values and how you relate to the world.
Sumanah has a variety of offerings, and we’re thrilled to invite you to a series of new locations and itineraries that provide travelers with the best ways to #LiveWellTravelOften
Our signature small group trips proudly placed Sumanah on the map. Designed to offer travelers the chance to see the world and share a collective experience while pursuing personal wellness goals, our small group trips bring travelers back to Sumanah over and over.
A Sumanah travel experience is more than just a vacation. We plan a stress-free vacation, which restores you to your best self. Whether you’re traveling solo, with a friend, family, or a partner, we ensure you’ll have a #livewelltraveloften experience. Here’s how:
● We’ll limit this group size with a maximum of 12 travelers to create a harmonious tribe.
● We research and scout our destinations in person. Each location is highly-vetted to ensure that you have a top-notch experience.
● We craft each tour to have a balance between cultural excursions, physical activities, and downtime to explore on your own.
● We never drop you off at a must-see tourist trap. Instead, we partner with expert guides who invite you to be immersed in the culture and have an authentic and often exclusive experience.
● We don’t use large tour buses, instead, use vans that seat three-across.
● We understand the importance of diet & nutrition and work with all our travelers to accommodate their needs.
● We connect you to our like-minded community made up of solo travelers, couples, friends, and families, all over 18 years of age.
● We create a Pre-Departure Package, which includes a packing list, wellness tips, a wellness consultation, and access to our team who will answer all your questions.
● We make sure you’re greeted at the airport with a friendly face to whisk you to our first location.
● We welcome the group in an opening wellness session, which releases the stress of traveling and shares your upcoming itinerary.
Our itineraries differ in location and theme, but you’ll always find luxury accommodations, many meals, in-country transfers (land, train, and flights), wellness activities, cultural tours, and taxes. We include service fees and gratuities when traveling in a group. Sumanah creates a tailored pre-departure package for each vacation, whether for a group or a private trip.
Unless explicitly stated in the itinerary, the following are not included in Sumanah’s wellness travel packages: Airfare to and from the start destination, alcohol, car rentals, meals not on the itinerary, spa treatments, any tours coordinated on-site, and expenses of personal nature. If travel insurance or a yoga/fitness mat isn’t included in your package, we may require you to purchase them.
See our list of destinations here.

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