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2022 & 2023 Destinations

Lisbon, Douro Valley & Lagos, Portugal

Afro-Portuguese Culture & Culinary Experience Discover the African connection of Portugal's culture as you discover Lisbon's culinary scene amidst a colorful city, hilltop vistas, Fado music scene, and stunning UNESCO-heritage […]

Cairo, Luxor, and Aswan, Egypt

Exploring the African Connection in Ancient Kemet Explore the African wonders of Ancient Kemet. Traverse the mystical temples, thriving cities, mysterious deserts, and vibrant Nubian villages. Drift down the river […]

Upcoming Destinations

Tuscany, Italy


Explore the lyrical landscapes, world-class art, and superb cuisine from farmer’s kitchens. Experience, cooking classes and wine tastings, and explore the region’s Tuscan countryside for a powerful luxury wellness experience.


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